Hybrid solutions: the cost-effective answer to flexible, high demand energy needs

Posted 12 October 2020
Hybrid renewable energy solutions are becoming more popular these days, and more projects are advertising themselves as “hybrid solutions”. So, what exactly are they?

As you might expect from the name, a hybrid solution is a combination of wind and/or solar power with a storage solution (usually a battery). Hybrid solutions can be optimised for energy or power density, varying self-discharge rates, efficiency, and overall lifetimes.

Viewed as a whole, a hybrid is "multiple technologies that are physically and electronically controlled" by the hybrid owner at a single point of interconnection and offered to the market "as a single resource."

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Where Is Solar Power Going After COVID-19?

Posted 6 August 2020
In many parts of the world, power generating capacity is under strain. This means large industry players such as foundries and mines are often forced to cut back on usage to maintain grid stability.

However, using solar power and fast-acting battery storage to operate independently of the grid offers a way around such restrictions. Such a combination addresses the often large and dynamic load changes industrial users require during operations.

We will discuss solar-hybrid options in a future article. Today we focus on how solar’s trajectory has been affected by the global COVID-19 pandemic, the implications for present and future solar development projects, and how to potentially mitigate those challenges.

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